I’ve been shopping…

As the title suggests, this post is about a few new purchases I’ve made recently, which I think will become staple items in my summer wardrobe. Throughout the college year I was rather low on the money front, so I guess I’m making up for it now that I’m working a bit more…

First bubble first, the fruits of a day’s shopping with my mother and sister. The summer sales are in full swing in most high street stores, and it’s certainly worth getting in there early to avoid the tat that’ll be left by next week. I adore my new Zara handbag; €19.99 reduced from €27.99. I’ve been eyeing up tan handbags for months and not only is this one the perfect shade with a good size handle, it’s large enough to hold my netbook and other bits and bobs for college. And it looks way more expensive than it was, even at full price.

The cardigan was an absolute steal from Warehouse; €55 down to €16. Lovely and cosy for winter, and it coordinates with my entire wardrobe, more or less. And I couldn’t say no to my €6 Aztec Panama hat from Penneys. I’m rocking a bit of balayage these days; that and the hat will be perfect for my holiday in Spain next month.

Then the shoes, my amazing new shoes. Colour blocking has been a big trend this summer, and I’m all for throwing as many colours at myself as possible. These purple and orange babies, €18 from Penneys, will look fabulous with black and white for a bright summer night, but I’m also mentally pairing them with the galaxy dress in the third photo, and a pinky-coral draped dress I have from River Island. So really, the more colours the better where these shoes are concerned. Sure, they even look great with my turquoise painted toenails!

Then to bubble number two, and my a-maz-ing Galaxy print dress from Awear (€35). I’ve been in love with fitted midi-length dresses for ages, and this one is perfect for summer with the mingling shades of pink, coral, orange and purple. The length is über-flattering, even for a pocket person like me. I’m wearing it with tan studded sandals in the photo (which unfortunately got cut out), but with heels it’s really sophisticated but still fun. My mum even bought herself the shape cut of dress, in a black and cream pattern. Now I’m on a hunt for a simple gold collar-style necklace to set the outfit off.

The third photo is an outfit I wore yesterday which I quite liked, so I just threw it in there. Irish summers are hit-and-miss to say the least, so more often than not I’ll find myself looking out the window in the morning and choosing jeans over shorts. The jeans are from Topshop (the Leigh style) and they’re incredibly soft and comfortable. I love the khaki colour, and I’m hoping to find a navy pair the next time I’m in Dublin. The pale blue button-down shirt from River Island is lovely and light, and goes with nearly all my jeans. My canvas shoes (only partially visible) are new; navy and cream imitation Toms by J&M footwear – a steal at €25. They’re the comfiest flats I’ve ever owned, and completely versatile. And of course, my beloved Zara handbag was the perfect finishing touch.

Lastly, I thought I’d show off my cute new rings from Miss Selfridge’s summer sale. I usually wait for their sales to snap up their accessories, cheapskate that I am. These were half price. Each ring has either a turquoise, rose quartz, pearl or opal gemstone and I love their slightly vintage feel, whether worn on their own or stacked together.

So that’s my summer staples haul,with the exception of various sun holiday essentials (hello, Penneys). I’m going to have to rake in the tips over the next few weeks to repair the damage to my debit card…