A fine day for sorting my life out

Today, two things came about which may potentially give me quite an amount of happy feelings. They’re only little things but, as they say, it’s the little things.

Numero Uno: I made the biggest effort in a long time to eat healthily, with a view to losing weight. In the last few months I have embarked on diets on a Monday, then succumbed to temptation by lunchtime. But today, I resisted – despite spending eight hours at work, surrounded by yummy food. I didn’t eat one single coffee chocolate, which is a massive achievement for someone who eats them by the handful without thinking about it. My weight has always been an issue for me (but that’s a post for another day) and recently I’ve been feeling less than confident in my generous size 12 clothes. 

While these insecure feelings have been there for some time, I haven’t quite managed to garner the willpower and motivation to stop stuffing myself with chips and chocolate. But yesterday at work I noticed that a regular customer, a woman in her thirties with children, seems to have dropped from roughly a size 14 to a size 8 in the last year or so. And she looks fantastic. I realised that if a woman with children and a full-time job can do it, then so can I. I want a size 8 figure, I want to feel confident and like I’ve achieved an incredible body through my own hard work. I’ve never been a size 8; the smallest I’ve been in recent years was when I dropped to 9st during a period of strictly controlled eating. Which didn’t last long, as one can imagine. It’s a big challenge for a ‘live to eat’ greedypants like me, but it’s by no means insurmountable. I’ve been remarkably disciplined today, although a few sneaky chips from my mother’s plate might have wormed their way into my mouth somehow. But it’s the most promising step in the right direction that I’ve taken in a long time. Before you know it, I’ll be posting Rihanna-esque bikini selfies on Instagram (I kid, I swear….).

Little Thing number two was the receipt of an email from the editor of the Fashion section of one of my university’s newspapers, telling me that she’d be delighted to have me write some fashion-themed articles for the paper. I had sent an email to the paper last Sunday, having seen a post on Facebook recruiting fashion writers. I had kind of stopped hoping that they’d reply to me by the time I got the editor’s email, and I was a tiny bit delighted with myself for going for it in the first place. Now it’s not really an achievement considering that they’ve read none of my writing, but here’s hoping that they’ll be impressed with my first article, whatever that may be. If they’re ever in doubt, I’ll just remind them that I have some great followers on WordPress (wink-wink).

If I end up writing regularly for the newspaper, I have a feeling that I’ll really enjoy it. This whole blogging lark is great; I really love writing about stuff and junk. And knowing that people like to read my ramblings is wonderfully encouraging. If my peers enjoy my articles, then that would be a fantastic achievement for me. Journalism and the media are areas that I’d consider going into when I eventually graduate from college, so what better place to start than a newspaper in wide circulation in Ireland’s largest university? There’s a nice little tidbit for the CV when I embark on the Odyssey that is the post-graduation career hunt. And if worst comes to worst and the newspaper decides that my writing isn’t for them, well I can say that I tried. And I’ll always have my blog, which I enjoy immensely.

So that was my rather uplifting day. Here’s hoping that in six month’s time, I’ll be significantly slimmer and a fledgling journalist. And still a student and a waitress as well…


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