Irish Fashion Bloggers

Here’s my second article for the College Tribune; published on the 24th of September. Our theme for this issue was Fashion Forward Irish, so I was tasked with profiling the rise and popularity of the Fashion Forward Irish and their blogging endeavours.

The Rise of Irish Blogging Culture

In the last few years, a plethora of fashion bloggers have made their mark in cyberspace. The success of social media has been vital in getting their voices heard and their clothes lusted after. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and other websites have shone a spotlight on the fashionable youth of today – without social media, we would never have heard of them. And the best part is that some of the most influential fashion bloggers are our home-grown talent. The Celtic Tiger gave young Irish people confidence and willingness to promote ourselves. And even now, we’re utilising those skills more than ever.

     Two fantastic Irish websites are and They provide fashion, beauty and celebrity journalism at their most down-to-earth. Their articles read like a chat with your bestie, albeit a very stylish and finger-on-the-pulse bestie. These writers know their stuff, without the slightly intimidating demeanour of Vogue magazine and its ilk. Young Irish people want up-to-date fashion and beauty fixes and if we can get them with a healthy dose of craic, even better.

     One of the most famous fashion forward Irish bloggers is Suzanne Jackson, whose So Sue Me blog has become a cult favourite for fashion and beauty features.  Jackson is accessible and friendly; she regularly interacts with fans on Facebook and Twitter, and often posts tutorials for make-up looks on her YouTube channel when requested, including her popular contouring tutorial. She brings high-end fashion to ordinary Irish women while singing the praises of Penneys too. As every Irish girl should.

     A favourite blogger of mine is NUIG student Erika Fox. Her Retro Flame blog has taken her to dizzying heights recently. Her style is unique; pairing vintage with trendier pieces effortlessly. Her blogging and other social media outlets are remarkably professional and she is an excellent example of a fashion forward Irish blogger. Fox’s recent work with is a sign that nothing but success lies ahead.

     Irish bloggers have made fashion accessible for ordinary Irish women, while displaying our uniqueness as a counterpoint to global fashion. Fashion forward Irish bloggers are easy to relate to and emulate, and it’s really exciting to see them becoming more influential everyday.

Et voilà!


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