Just keep swimming…

As much as I dislike it, unfortunately my return to college has resulted in me having less time to post on my blog. To remedy this appalling state of affairs, I decided to write a little catch-up post. Not that my life is extemely interesting lately but at least it’ll explain my absence from the blogosphere.

I am still commuting to university, and while the tiredness is slowly easing as I adjust, my stress levels are definitely on the rise. It’s honestly not too dire, but I’m finding a routine difficult to establish while I shuttle between home, university and the town where my boyfriend lives. Because, heaven forbid I might have made life a little easier for myself by choosing a boyfriend who lives near me. But he does make it up to me by buying me wine.

Assignment deadlines are beginning to loom, so I’m getting a little panicky. Trying to fit in writing articles for the college newspaper is a bit of a challenge too. One of my assignments (a discussion on determinist criminological theories) is starting to become quite daunting, as much of the modern research that I need to write about is really technical and scientific. I mean, what the hell is a genome? Other assignments include something to do with historiography (ugh) and the guild system in 13th century Florence.

Speaking of which, I’m going on a field trip to Florence for three nights next week! I’m unbelievably excited; despite the short notice I bought my flights at a discount so it’s all affordable and ought to be really interesting and fun. Everyone who I’ve told seems to be quite jealous, so I’mma relish it! And it’s my birthday the following week, which is always lovely to look forward to. J was asking me lots of questions about whether my mother has bought me the Nexus 7 I asked for as a Christmas present, so my spidey senses are tingling. And no, my spidey senses never err on the side of realism.

All in all, the weeks ahead will be fun but full of hard work. Day to day, I’m either in J’s house or at work when I’m not in college so I’ve barely a moment to catch my breath. When I do, I sit down with Mum in the evenings and watch The Great British Bake Off (no spoilers please, I haven’t seen it yet this week) with a glass of wine. It’s very much the domesticated life for me lately, seeing as I struggle to stay awake past 11pm these nights.

Even though I’m still quite busy and a little tired, things are going okay. And I’ll keep trying to keep the blog updated; it’s a lovely little release to fire off a post and keep the creative side of my brain buzzing. So here’s hoping I’ll still keep posting things worth reading; because come exam time, my brain will be a veritable lump of mush.


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