Things that I do instead of studying, which may result in me not getting a very good degree.

I’ve been a bit quiet ’round these parts lately, so I thought I’d write a little post. The motivation will become apparent as you read on!

Sometime around November each semester, college work starts to pile up and I’m suddenly staring down a mountain of assignments, essays and exam preparation. You know that feeling where you have an absolute tonne of work to crack on with, and your brain ends up paralysed with the sheer scale of it all? Well that was me, a couple of days ago. In the next 21 days, I have to complete and submit two 4,000 word assignments and begin studying for three exams in December. And I’ve spent this morning watching John Lewis Christmas ads on Youtube (their 2011 offering will make you cry a little bit – watch it!

Being honest, I have gotten a little bit done here and there. I have to take a module called Debates in History; a horrifically disorganised and nonsensical affair that is going to be slated in the end-of-semester reviews. I have to choose three topics from the syllabus and somehow make them mesh into a concise analysis of the relevance of historiographical precedent. How I’ll manage this while discussing the Irish War of Independence, the Spanish Inquisition, the Conquistadors and the Holocaust, I’m not quite sure. But I’ll figure something out. Although I am placing my faith in the likelihood that the essays submitted by everyone will be so dire that they’ll bump everyone up a grade or two to minimise the failure rate. Nothing like erring on the side of optimism, right?

But in general, I’m spending my time doing everything other than studying. And I figured that the internet needed to know these things. So here we go.

1. The aforementioned Youtube videos, interspersed with amusing articles from, celebrity gossip from and beauty fixes from Because it’s far more vital that I know how to banish under-eye circles and period-face (it’s a thing and I’m currently werking it).

2. General web-browsing and forum chatting. has a lot to answer for.

3. I signed up for NaNoWriMo. What do I need during a month crammed with academic work? That’s right, a novel-writing competition. Of course I do.

4. Making a lot of coffee. Then I get the shakes so I might as well watch some more videos until I can type again.

5. General household chores. Never more happy to take out the bins as I am this month.

6. Chilling in J’s house. I even watched Manchester United v Real Sociedad with him the other night, such was my aversion to anything involving reading words.

7. Painting my nails. They might as well look pretty while they don’t type important things.

8. Looking online for a pretty top for Christmas. I bought a gorgeous black leather skater skirt from River Island and it needs something snazzy to go with it for Christmas Day.

9. I’m going into town at 4pm to buy hair dye and whiskey. One for me, one for J; guess which is which!

10. Going upstairs every now and again to find another jumper to put on. Studying in the cold sucks.

11. Watching bad Christmas movies with my sister.

12. Watching Friends.

13. Making food. Eating that food. Making pre and post-lunch snacks.

14. Looking for productive study playlists on Spotify. I’m listening to one now, actually. Their effects are thus dubious. Howver, I’ve grown rather fond of Dustin O’Halloran and Olafur Arnalds.

15. Watching my dog in the back garden.

16. Sewing up the holes in the crotch of my comfy black leggings.

17. Reading up on how to make my curly hair look more like actual curly hair.

18. When in college, I meet people for coffee. Quite often. Oooh, and scones. Damn, I’d love a scone right now.

19. Wallowing momentarily in despair. Just for a minute.

20. Dying my hair (on the to-do list for tonight).



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