Ramble ramble…

Hello bloggers!

I felt like writing a blog post but I haven’t got any specific topic in mind so let’s just see where this meanders off too.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is enjoying the new year so far. My Christmas was lovely; once I got past the shitstorm that was my college exams I was able to relax and begin to look forward to Christmas. In between our rather busy work rosters, J and I found time to go for a delicious meal with his friends. It was then that my love for dauphinoise potatoes became truly affirmed. We also went to see The Hobbit, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. J is a huge LOTR fan and he loved the film regardless of what some said about it, and as a Hobbit newbie I thought it was quite entertaining and funny in places. However, I only found out at the very end of the film that there will, in fact, be a third installment so I felt a bit cheated out of a conclusion. J and I also spent a fantastic day at his family home, chatting to his Dad and siblings while defending ourselves from Nerf guns being zealously wielded by a dozen nieces and nephews. That particular day was rounded off with a raucous night in the pub followed by more wine and Street Fighter at 4am. Work the next day was not fun. At all.

I also spent some lovely time with my family, including a delicious meal on Christmas Eve and our traditional visit to the pub. Christmas Day was just magical as always, although this year I think I enjoyed it so much because, compared to the last three years, things are going pretty well in my life, and I truly felt relaxed and content. I was also the extremely lucky recipient of a Nexus 7 tablet, a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and a Babyliss Big Hair styler. At last, e-books and bouncy hair are mine! And I’m delighted to report that J was delighted, if really surprised, by his tablet too. Totally won a bunch of girlfriend points for that one.

And of course, no Christmas would be complete without a lot of busy shifts at work. Like every year, we were pushed to capacity with residents, parties and weddings. I could never recall it being so busy or stressful but we got through it. And the tips definitely softened the blow somewhat. After one particularly hectic eight-day stint I was fit to collapse and very nearly succumbed to my archnemesis, tonsillitis. I really do think that the red wine I drank at night as a coping mechanism must have had some kind of medicinal effect…

Then came the new year, which I rang in drinking yet more wine and cooking sausages for J (story of my life, seriously). In fact, in my cooking fervour I nearly forgot about the midnight bit and J had to call me into the sitting room before I missed it. Whoops. The following weekend we went out for his friend’s girlfriend’s birthday; a night which culminated in yet more Street Fighter and bicycles being thrown around the back garden (all in good spirits, I hasten to add). Then J returned to college and I spent my last week of Christmas holidays working evening shifts and rapidly developing severe cabin fever at home. Penance for my hedonism, I suspect.

Then all of a sudden, yesterday rolled around and college recommenced. To say I was unprepared was an understatement; yesterday morning I tried to put a saucepan in the freezer and then spent the rest of the day trying to remember how to spell. On Tuesdays I have no classes, so I’ve really just been sitting around the house as I have no assignments or reading to complete just yet. I also styled my hair with my Babyliss thing, so at least I look super glamorous in my pyjamas! Tomorrow we receive our Christmas exam results and I’m going to remain in denial of this fact for as long as I can. My Equity lecturer really did me no favours on exam day, so I’m really not looking forward to repeating that module…

Has anyone made any new year’s resolutions? And more pertinently, are you sticking to them? I generally don’t bother as I don’t stick to them. I have the willpower of a toddler and the activity levels of a sloth so the traditional diet-and-exercise resolution is a bit of a waste of time for me. Sure there’s no point in disappointing myself like…

My friends and I have adopted a bucket list plan. We’re going to audition for the fashion show that our college’s Fashion Society holds every year. It’s the largest student-run fashion show in the country and it’s a fantastic production. Luckily they’re not looking only for the Giseles and Caras of the student body; auditions are open to anyone who’s interested. I’m really not expecting to be chosen but the audition process should be a bit of fun, and who knows, maybe a stumpy brunette might be just what they’re looking for!

I really need to start thinking more about that big scary thing they call The Future. Postgraduate applications open in November so I really need to think about my next academic step. Or figure out if I can even afford another academic step in the next couple of years. While that fashion journalism idea will always be at the back of my mind, I plan to research broader journalism courses and masters degrees in history and creative writing also. Heaven help me, I’ll never be employable.

J continues to study super hard at computer things, making me prouder every time he gets a brilliant exam result (apparently they do give out 100%  grades in college, who knew?!). Tomorrow he has an interview for a summer internship so I’m crossing fingers and toes that he gets it, even if it means we’ll only get to spend the sum total of about one week together during the summer. But it will definitely be worth it for him.

So that’s pretty much all that’s been going on in my life recently. I’m hoping to keep blogging here and there, keep writing for the newspaper and generally maintain some semblance of organisation over my life. Be back soon with some more riveting posts!