Wild Ombres on a whim.

Today being payday, I couldn’t wait to toddle into town after class to get my hands on something pretty. I’ve been eyeing up

L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Eau de Teint in the last week or so as a light alternative for daytime make-up. But more on that later. As I was browsing Boots (as much as one can browse in their jam-packed Grafton Street store), I naturally drifted over to the haircare section and laid my eyes on L’Oreal’s Wild Intense Ombre dye kit.

I’ve done my own dip-dye in the past; last year I took part in Today FM’s Shave or Dye fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society so I essentially bleached the crap out of the mid-lengths and ends of my hair so I could use a fantastic shocking pink dye on it. I loved it, it was so much fun having pink hair, if only for a short while.


The colour was even more vibrant in real life.

And here was my DIY ombre once the pink faded out. The bleaching and a lack of TLC absolutely leeched the moisture from my poor curly locks, beyond the point of rescue. I had about three and a half inches chopped off it since last summer, and thankfully this salvaged it.


Yes, my brows were terribly overplucked for a while last year.

So since last summer I’ve been experimenting with different shades of red and plum, the main result of which has been the realisation that I don’t suit red and plum. So here is the dark brown colour I threw in just before Christmas, when I was at a bit of a loss for what to do. I took this right before I got my ombre on. As you can see, the colour is a bit flat and could do with a lift.

2014-01-23 17.19.48

I look so tired 😦

2014-01-23 17.21.05

The mixing and application for this dye couldn’t be simpler. Powder + creme + colourant. Throw it on the nifty little comb that’s included, brush through from chin length to the ends, making sure you use plenty of dye on each medium-sized section of hair. I varied the heights at which I started the dye, to prevent a blocky effect.

And then I made some daft faces.

2014-01-23 17.54.09

The instructions say not to leave the dye in your hair in excess of 45 minutes but, me being me, I left it in for the guts of an hour because there didn’t seem to be much happening, considering the darkness of the dye underneath. Bold, I know. Then I rinsed, shampooed and conditioned as instructed, and shaved my legs while I was at it. The dye left my hair worryingly tangled so I applied lashings of my cheap-and-cheerful Tesco Argan oil conditioner and hoped for the best. Post-shower brushing was a smidgeon more knotty than usual but not terribly so. I just left some Frizz Ease in my hair and rubbed a little Argan Oil through the ends and left it to dry naturally. My poor hair had been through enough for one day without assaulting it with heat styling as well. But thankfully the curls haven’t hidden away in fear.

2014-01-24 12.03.21

Apologies for the poor photo, I was trying to take it in the college library whilst trying not to look like a gimp. But I think that the lighter shades are quite visible.Β The results were never going to be as blonde as the box suggested; but considering the dark base colour I was trying to lift, I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I didn’t want anything too contrasted because I suspect that ombre is probably nearing the end of its popularity anyway. It’s a little coppery but I’ve never been afraid of a bit of ginger. Some might not be too keen but for less than ten euro and minimal effort, I’ve achieved a nice lift in my hair colour. Not bad for a Thursday evening’s work!

Emily xx


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