Mini Boots Haul!

Evening bloggers 🙂 This is just a quick little post to tell you about two new products I bought in Boots yesterday. Having read a few reviews on it, I decided to hunt out Soap & Glory’s For Daily Youth 365 Moisture Lotion. I’ve been using Anatomical’s The Hottie Tottie is Never Spotty and it was leaving me a little underwhelmed; my skin didn’t feel hydrated after I used it, and the salicylic acid seemed to making diddly-squat difference to my acne-prone skin. I think I’ll save it for summer time when I need something a little lighter, but for these cold, windy days my skin needs something richer.



It was €15.99 in Boots, my first somewhat spendy moisturiser. And my first anti-ageing product, at the ripe old age of twenty-two. The packaging is wonderfully kitsch and it looks great on my dressing table. The tube itself is like a toothpaste tube, so I can see myself being able to squeeze out every last drop.

The lotion itself is very light and smells absolutely delicious, just like peach yoghurt. The fragrance might not be ideal for sensitive skins, but I’m lucky not to have sensitive skin so this isn’t an issue. The lotion absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way – my favourite characteristic of anything spendy! It leaves the skin feeling wonderfully hydrated and soft, and dare I say, even a little glowy? These days, beauty brands are all striving for a natural glow when it comes to the complexion, and with this as a base my skin looks wonderfully perky and healthy (blemishes notwithstanding). This richer formula might be a tad too much for the oiliest of skins but for combination and even dry skin, this might be the hydration boost you needs in the depths of winter. Time will tell if Soap & Glory can rejuvenate my complexion in time for summer!

The only major drawback is the lack of SPF in this moisturiser; this could be a dealbreaker for some. To be honest, even though I shouldn’t say this, I tend not to worry too much about SPF. I am quite sallow and tend not to burn in milder temperatures, so I guess it’s just not ingrained in my mind to prioritise sun protection unless the weather gets very warm. I will strive to seek out something with SPF when summer (if summer) arrives but for now, I’m happy with my latest skincare find.

My next purchase was an impulse buy as I was heading to the checkout. I had been keeping an eye out for the white nail polish from Rita Ora’s Rimmel London line, as I’d seen it recently on Fluff and Fripperies’ Instagram account. As I expected, it was sold out, so I reached for Barry M’s matte white instead for €4.59.



It’s fun, it’s bright and just a little bit summery. As you can see in the photo, my application skills and cuticle maintenance leave a lot to be desired. Because I have to keep bare nails every weekend for work, I sort of see little point in spending a long time tending to my nails. It’s a shame because I’d love to put more effort into them, but such is life. Were I trying a little harder, I would have at least tidied up the edges! 

The formula itself is a little gloopy and it does take at least two coats to achieve an opaque finish. But the end result is a true, flat white. Twenty-four hours later, without top coat, I have no chips or smudges. For the price point, this is a perfect option for a summery trend that brightens your mood a little just to look at it.

So there we are. I’ll be back soon with a ‘What’s in my make-up bag?’ post, once I attend to the small issue of a college presentation on the Ottoman Empire.

Emily xx


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