Springtime Wishlist

Good evening bloggers! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been amassing an even longer list of bits and bobs I’d like to buy in preparation for warmer weather (*crosses fingers*) and the transition from winter to summer styling. There is always something new I’ve got my eye on! Thankfully this list is a little more affordable than the last one I blogged about, so hopefully I can tick everything off it in the next few weeks!

First up is this gorgeous baby blue satchel that my lovely friend Grace blogged about recently!
I’ve become a little bit obsessed with springtime pastels, but sometimes I struggle to pull them off with my sallow colouring. This satchel is the perfect way to embrace the trend without wearing something that blatantly does not suit me. The size is perfect for day or night time use, yet not so big that I’d ruin it by being tempted to use it for college! The snakeskin pattern and gold metalwork on the straps are sassy touches, and at a pocket-friendly €37, it’s a lot more affordable than other River Island bags. Mark my words, this baby will be hanging in my room by this time next week!
As a side note, I bought this lovely NYC In a New York minute nail polish in Raindrop last week, I’ve got a thing for baby blues, apparently! It’s going to be perfect with a tan, although it’s more of a pastel than the photos suggests. Aaaand it was only €1.59 –  tremendously chip-proof at that.


Next on my list is a pair of boyfriend jeans, as an alternative to my black skinnies.
These Topshop jeans are something like what I’m after; in a medium indigo which can be rolled up slighly at the ankle to create a casual, comfortable look with a marl tee and strappy flats. I also think this style of jeans looks fantastic with messy hair, a summery chiffon blouse, a colourful jacket and pointed court heels for an ‘I just threw this on’ evening look. The only issue here is that my hips are something on the generous side (‘childbearing’ is a term that gets thrown around), so it could take some time and a lot of discarded pants to find a pair that don’t give me the dreaded ‘Mom jeans’ look. 

Something else I’ve been hankering after lately isn’t a product, but a haircut!
Yes, I have fallen victim to the clavicut hype. It’s just such a flattering style on any woman I’ve seen sporting it. My hair is in woeful condition at the moment, I’ve been neglecting it and now the ends are getting progressively straw-like. Every so often I just get sick of the weight and length of my hair, and chop half of it off for a change. Now is one of those times. The above photo of the gorgeous Daria Werbowy is indicative of the kind of wavy, messy texture I’d love to create in my hair with a clavicut, and also perhaps the most achievable given its curly texture. The plan is to ask my stylist for a shoulder-length cut with long layers all over to break up the bulk and reduce weight at the ends. I’m also hoping that there’ll be just enough length left in my hair that my Babyliss Big Hair won’t have to be decommissioned. In fact, heat styling ought to take far less time and energy if there isn’t so much thickness and length to get through. Also, the shower drain shouldn’t get clogged so much…

Another lurker on the list is a skincare product. Surprise, surprise.
Clarins’ Doux Exfoliant is the be-all and end-all for beauty bloggers when it comes to toners. As you may have guessed, I’ve been paying hand over fist for new skincare products in an effort to drag my skin from the realm of spotty adolescence to ladylike clarity. Beauty guru Caroline Hirons places this bottle of skin goodness in her list of top ten toners – so it must be good! Using glycolic, salicylic and tartaric acids, it gently exfoliates the skin without resorting to harsh exfoliating beads or particles. In fact, it uses many of the same ingredients as the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, which I adore for its skin brightening and clearing properties. Luckily there is a Clarins counter in one of my local chemists, and the Doux Exfoliant retails there at a not-so-shameful €31. The quest for perfect skin will probably be neverending, but surely there’s no harm in using a few tried and tested tricks along the way!

I’ve possibly mentioned my next must-have product before, but I’ll throw it in here – NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square.
All of my lipsticks are some variation on the plum theme, and I just find them too heavy as we come into spring. In fact, I haven’t worn any lipstick in a month or two, as I don’t have anything that’s springtime-appropriate. I first read about these lip pencils from NARS in my favourite Irish beauty blog, Viva Adonis, and an obsession began. Being an oily-skinned creature, the idea of a matte formulation that won’t have slid down to my chin by lunchtime was music to my ears. And yet, it contains vitamin E and silicones to prevent the pencil being too drying on the lips. Also, being a pencil, it’s the one and only step in the lipstick process. ‘Genius!’ cried the voice in my head that always tempts me to stay in bed five minutes longer in the mornings. Just look at that shade; a loud and punchy orange-red that sings of summer fruits and cocktails. It’s the quintessential summertime red lip. At €25, it’ll be making an appearance in my make-up bag very soon.

So there are my picks for springtime buys. That handbag in particular is just divine, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it before it inevitably sells out. To round off the post, I thought I’d include the fruits of a mini River Island spree I embarked on last week. I’m trying to slowly build up a good quality wardrobe of basics – perhaps I’m getting old, but piles of Penneys tops just aren’t cutting the mustard anymore.
It’s barely visible, so here’s the link as well. €26.

 Top €29

Earrings ¨€2

Necklace €4


See anything you like? 🙂

Em xx



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