March Beauty Favourites

Good evening folks! I thought I’d jump on the blogger bandwagon and do a March beauty favourites post. Also, I’m supposed to be writing an essay, and blogging has become my ultimate procrastination tool. Since I’ve gotten my skincare into some form of order, I’ve been taking the time to actually enjoy my new products, and I’m beginning to feel the benefits. So, shall we begin?

First up is my Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I know, I keep harping on about this, but having used it weekly since I bought it, I really can’t fault it. The difference in my skin the following morning is tremendous; my skin looks plumped and awake, and my complexion is evened out. This mask thoroughly deserves the accolades it has been given, and I think it’s going to have to be a skincare staple on my dressing table from now on. I never look too awake or fresh these days, but after I use this, I feel like a new woman! Also, bonus points for the included muslin cloth; this stuff does not rinse off too easily without it! Love, love, love.

I already mentioned this little tube of wonder before, but honestly it deserves a second mention. Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer has become a cult favourite for a very good reason. For an excellent price point, it is by far the hardest working concealer I’ve ever used. It’s a sort-of thick formula which doesn’t blend to nothing; rather, it effectively covers all but the reddest spots – and at that, it still tones down the worst of them a lot. Lasting Perfection is also performing minor miracles on my bruise-like undereye circles, without creasing or settling into my ever-present fine lines. The shade Fair is perfect for me, and I honestly couldn’t be without this concealer. Ever.

Can you guess that I really like Ren products? Every morning, it’s a little easier to drag myself out of bed when I remember that I’ll be using my Ren Clearcalm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. This is a rich, creamy cleanser and the presence of the clay adds a luxurious feel to it without the formula being thick and heavy, as one might expect. It’s a joy to use every morning and my skin feels really, really soft and soothed afterwards – and definitely not taut. My skin is definitely softening up in general, and I feel that this lovely product has contributed its fair share towards that end. The extra-big bottle will hopefully last me for a long time, but it is terribly tempting to slather on tonnes of this stuff everytime I wash my face!

I mentioned in my previous post that I’m embarking on a beauty spending ban for the month of April, but, today being the 31st of March, I was totally allowed to sneak in one or two more things, right? NYC Cosmetics are available in my local pharmacy and the make-up is so, so cheap. I especially love their nail polishes, which are only €2 at most. I bought their Expert Last Nail Polish in Oh So Soho, and it’s gorgeous. I had actually intended to buy Essie’s Ballet Slippers (which may still happen), but I spotted this and decided not to take a chance on Essie’s dubious formulas. Although the photograph above doesn’t do it justice, Oh So Soho is a semi-opaque pale, pale pink with white undertones. It takes three coats to achieve opacity, but it’s only lovely on. It’s a touch pinker than Ballet Slippers, but on the nails it’s a delicate shade of blush with a high-shine finish. It’s a grown-up polish that looks ever so sophisticated. I hope that the formula wears well, but for the price, I can’t exactly complain if it doesn’t!
Because I forewent the Essie polish, I finally bought a Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Audacious. More on that later!

Lastly, it’s not actually a beauty product, but I am utterly delighted that I cut my hair!
Since I had a good four inches chopped off my hair, I haven’t regretted it once. I actually feel liberated; my hair isn’t getting in my way all the time, it feels much lighter and softer. It’s swishy again! Another great thing is that, because using my Babyliss Big Hair doesn’t take forever and a day anymore, I’ve used it nearly everytime I’ve washed my hair since it’s been cut, when previously I’d have needed a clear two hours for it to tame the ‘fro. The cut is far more flattering for my face and, dare I say, it frames my features far more than long hair did. My new ‘do has been getting a lot of compliments, which is always a good sign. I don’t think I’ll ever want to grow it out again! 

So those are the bits and bobs which have been making me happy this March. Given my self-imposed exile from anywhere which sells beauty products for the next 30 days, I might not have an April favourites post, unless desperation forces me to dig into old bags of make-up to see what I can find! I do have my eye on a stunning Zara handbag, which will hopefully be purchased with some of the proceeds of my spending ban. Because I have to spend the money on something!

What have been your March favourites?

Em X


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