Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows


I know. I broke it. I broke it bad. My promise that I wouldn’t spend a penny on beauty products this month is lying broken on the floor. It is Natalie Imbruglia. BUT BUT BUT, I do have an explanation, however pathetic.

I took my sister into town yesterday for lunch at KC Peaches (the new place to be in Dublin, apparently), and we took a wander around Grafton Street afterwards, eating Ferrero Rocher gelato in the sun – you really have to relish Irish sunshine while it lasts. You see, on my extensive beauty wishlist was a quad of MAC eyeshadows; namely Cranberry, All That Glitters, some form of matte brown and another yet-undecided shade. I priced a quad in MAC in Brown Thomas, and, including the palette, it was going to cost me €58.50. Forget that. We had been in Inglot earlier in the afternoon, and I had noticed that their eyeshadow palettes in the Freedom System were quite reasonably priced. Back to Inglot I went, and picked up a quad for €30.

You see, had I waited until the end of the month, I would have bought the MAC quad for nearly double the price. The only reason I went into Inglot in the first place was because I had spied the South Anne Street branch out of the corner of my eye while we were strolling around, and we popped in for a look.  By the by, the girls in there are lovely and not at all overbearing or intimidating.

I was saving money. Can’t argue with that, right? So, onto the eyeshadows!


You can buy Inglot palettes composed two to forty shadows, which are €6 each, and your palette is entirely customisable (and half-price if you fill the palette). Compare that to MAC, whose shadows are normally €16, down to €12.50 in a palette. The quad palette itself costs €8.50. Also, Inglot shadows are 2.3g while MAC’s weigh a measly 1.5g. So I think I’ve justified myself here, a little!
The Inglot palette structure is slim, study plastic with a detachable lid held on by magnets. There is no mirror attached, and the palette is a little heavy, but I don’t take eyeshadows with me in my handbag everyday so it’s not a problem. I like the weighty feel, actually, it’s more substantial. After all, you are paying enough for it. The plastic cover is slightly transparent so you could identify multiple palettes easily, and you can stack multiple palettes together with the magnetic feature. So a thumbs-up from me on the packaging front.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

The shades that I chose seem to be a little hodge-podge, but there was reasoning behind it. I own the first Urban Decay Naked palette and while I do like it, it is lacking in some aspects for me. I was in need of a matte dark brown and a rich, warm-toned gold. I had fallen in love with MAC’s Cranberry and the red-toned shadow above was the closest match I could find for it. Lastly, the deep grey-blue should be lovely against my brown eyes and is something a little unexpected. One minor gripe I have with Inglot is the absence of shade names, which are far easier to remember than numbers. I, in my infinite wisdom, took up the sales assistant on her offer to assemble the palette for me, and never asked her to give me the boxes so I had to take the pans out again at home to find them out for you. I really don’t recommend doing this; it involved a hair grip and a lot of eyeshadow under my fingernails…

43 – Copper-toned gold AMC. Dupe for MAC Grain
329 – Dark matte brown. Dupe for MAC Mystery
450 – Purple-toned berry red pearl. Dupe for MAC Cranberry
376 – Matte blue-grey. Dupe for MAC Soot.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Here are the shadows swatched. As you can see, the pigmentation is decent for each of the shades, particularly 376 (far right), which actually swatches more purple than expected. The texture is smooth and soft, and they all blend really nicely. In fact, there is hardly any work involved in creating  a blended, seamless look. The matte brown looks a little scary in the pan as it’s so dark, but a little blending brush work tones it down so you’re not left with too harsh a colour. I also love shade 450 (third from left); it was a bit of a risky one as I’ve never used a red shadow before, but the pink-purple undertones make it surprisingly wearable. 43, the gold, is wonderfully rich, and not a ‘flat’ glittery gold that UD’s Half-Baked sort of is.


Today I used 43 and 329 to create a golden-brown look; 43 all over with 329 on the outer edges, crease and as a liner on my bottom lash line. It was a little more than my typical daily eye make-up but I didn’t feel overdone. In fact, I love 329 as a liner applied with an angled brush, and I would be happy to wear it alone. Similarly, 376 can be used as a liner when I fancy a change from black. These shadows last about 7 hours on my slightly oily lids before they start to crease, and that’s without a primer. Not bad going at all!

Overall I am really happy with my Inglot quad and I’m delighted I took a little risk with the shades. Inglot has thus far impressed me as a brand, from the staff in their Dublin flagship store to the product itself, and I will definitely be building up a collection of Inglot Freedom System palettes. Have you used Inglot products before?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPS. Do you like my cute new candle holder? I bought it in a little Dublin newsagents for less than a fiver.  It has my name on it and everything! I got my first mini Yankee Candles too; a Beach Flowers scent and a Fresh Cut Roses scent. I can’t wait to try them out!

Em X


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