What’s in my handbag?

I love handbag posts; being an inherently nosy person, finding out what bits and bobs people drag around with them everyday is so interesting to me. And in my case, dragging is definitely the correct term to use, because I bring everything bar the kitchen sink to college with me everyday. I’m not joking when I say that my shoulders are covered in red marks from the weight of my everyday handbag. Which, on reflection, isn’t really a good sign at all!

But fear not, as I have a new and exciting addition to my handbag collection, which will make the shoulder divets worthwhile.

The Zara Combined Office City Bag, €49.95.
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My old New Look college bag was literally fraying at the seams, and I was in need of something sturdier and smarter-looking. I had read about the Zara City Bag, a blogger favourite (how I want it in red! And the blue shopper!) and, perusing the Zara website, the Combined Office City Bag caught my eye instead, with the black body, white trim and ever so handy detachable red pocket. I mean, that pocket could be used as a mini make-up bag, a clutch or anything! Plus it has plenty of inside space and a long strap as well as two handles. I was in love. I ordered it and haven’t looked back.

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So, what crap am I hauling around with me everyday?

Netbook – An Acer Aspire something-something in a pretty purple case. By this stage, the only thing I like about it is the case. It’s a machine made for tortoises on vacation.
Nexus 7 Tablet – In a bright pink fold-over case. My parents bought me the tablet for Christmas and I really, really love it. I use it mostly to read Bloglovin’ and browse the internet on train journeys. For the commute, it’s been a lifesaver.
Notebook – It’s the little beige thing between the netbook and the tablet. Handy for jotting down notes for my blog and the Hey Dolly website, but I don’t use it as much as I should.
River Island Purse – I actually love this purse; the black ‘leather’ with gold trim is timeless, it goes with everything and it’s so, so sturdy. Oh, and the inside is really roomy and oxblood-coloured.
Vogue Glasses – The purple frames are a little dated now but, until this summer when I can buy a new pair, they’ll have to do. I’m far-sighted, and if I use my computer without my glasses I end up with a killer headache. No, thank you.
Ray Ban Wayfarers – There is something of a purple theme going on here, as you can tell. I bought my Ray Bans in Spain when I was 16, and they were my first ‘luxury buy’. I won’t part with them for the world.
iPod Touch – I was so excited when I got this for Christmas, over five years ago. Anything that drowns out the noise of bus snifflers is right up my street.
Umbrella – I live in Ireland. It’s self-explanatory.
Miscellaneous – House keys, Rose Vaseline, mirror, Catrice All MattPowder, powder brush, and possibly some pens. Small but vital bits.

So there you have it, the explanation for why I can’t stand up straight anymore. So go on; what’s in yours?

Em X


7 thoughts on “What’s in my handbag?

  1. Love the bag (and everything in it!). What’s the sizing like? Could I squeeze some A4 pads and law books into it for study purposes or would I just kill the poor thing like I’ve done to every other bag I’ve had since first year?! 🙂


    • Why thank you! I rather love it myself 🙂

      I’d reckon the pads would be no problem but the oul hefty law books probably wouldn’t fit! You don’t wanna go ruining a nice bag like that! The Zara City Bag I linked in the post is a bit bigger though!


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