So, this happened. I don’t think that my debit card and I are on speaking terms anymore, but it’ll forgive me soon. I hope. Sure it’s only two days to payday, right?

In my defence, those two bits of beauty eye-candy had been on The List for some time now. A while ago, I had been researching the Chanel Mat Lumière foundation, wishfully thinking that I’d be able to get me some Chanel base product action. Then, as every beauty blogger and their dog knows, Mat Lumière was replaced this spring by the super-hyped Perfect Lumière Velvet. Every review I read was singing PLV’s praises, and a case of the wants came on fast. So, having made a nice few tips at work last weekend, I decided that it was time to take the plunge. On the other hand, MAC Ruby Woo happened because I had a bit of money left over, and… yeah. A bold, matte red lip? Er, yes please.

Today was my last day of college before my exams (of which I’m still living in denial), so I decided to treat myself after a long slog of a year. Straight after my last Law of Trusts class, I took myself to Brown Thomas and, within about two minutes, had procured for myself the highly coveted and much-raved about Ruby Woo for €19. I’m going to review this another time so I won’t go into too much detail now. But, safe to say, it is everything I hoped it would be.

Then I toddled over to the Chanel counter, where I stood humming and hawing over the admittedly limited shade range for PLV. A lovely MUA named Karen approached me and offered to apply 10 Beige for me, so that I could make sure it was right for me. What followed was a lovely pamper session, and a serious desire to have my make-up done professionally more often.

Firstly, Karen cleansed off my make-up with the Chanel Eau Douceur Cleansing Water; a gorgeous micellar water that was ever so gentle, but smelled lovey. Then she followed that up with a generous dollop of the Hydra Beauty Gel Crème; a gel-based moisturiser that felt incredibly soft and soothing on my skin, which admittedly is having a bit of ‘a moment’. Then came the PLV in 10 Beige, applied with a soft flat brush. Honestly, it felt as though it were being licked on by kittens! (Props to Rachel Green for that line).
I was then offered blush and bronzer, which I of course accepted. First, Karen swept the famous Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder in No. 30 (a sheer matte tan) onto my cheekbones and temples, and this was joined by Joues Contraste Blush in Reflex (a baked shimmery orange-coral). First of all, the whole experience opened my eyes up the world of contouring and proper blush application. Secondly, I felt faaabulous! As a bonus, I was given a voucher for a free Chanel makeover.

It’s not a great photograph, but here is my face after my ‘transformation’:

In fact, it’s a terrible photo as today’s weather was really dull and miserable. But I think you can see that PLV in 10 Beige is near enough to perfect for my skin tone. Also, I loved the warm flush of colour in my cheeks, and the subtly contoured effect. I’m not wearing any concealer though, so my worst blemishes are a little visible. The List has suddenly expanded significantly today, I really need to buy every product that Karen used on my face. I’ve never had my make-up done by a professional MUA before, and the experience was really lovely and relaxing. After all, who doesn’t love a pampering session every now and again?

And naturally, I’ll be fully reviewing PLV and Ruby Woo in the next couple of weeks. I mean, blogging about make-up is pretty much the only way I can justify buying so much of it!

Have you tried MAC Ruby Woo or Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet?

Em X 


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