The one, the only, MAC Ruby Woo.


As you may recall, a couple of days ago, I got a bit spend-happy, and the infamous MAC Ruby Woo lipstick  (€19) was introduced to my make-up collection. For some women, red lipstick is an indispensible aspect of their make-up routine; for others, it’s more of an afterthought on the odd occasion. I fall somewhere in between the two; I often forget to wear lipstick, but then I’ll go through a phase of wearing it nearly everyday. But wherever you stand on the red lipstick front, there’s no denying how it can pull a casual look together and brighten a tired face.

MAC’s Ruby Woo is probably one of the most famous red lipsticks out there right now,. It’s a classic blue-toned red that suits every complexion I’ve seen wearing it. It’s classy and dramatic, but there is also something effortless about it. I already own the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 01, another standard red. But Ruby Woo feels far more sophisticated, in an ‘old Hollywood starlet’ kind of way.


The packaging of Ruby Woo is the classic MAC black and silver casing, and there is a very definite whiff of vanilla when you open the tube. I don’t mind the scent, but I don’t really think it’s necessary either. My only other MAC lipstick, a Cremesheen called Hang Up, has the same scent.

The texture is one which tends to alienate people. It is a Retro Matte finish lipstick; there is not a hint of glossiness or slip on the lips. While I don’t feel as though lipliner is 100% necessary before applying it, it’s not simply a case of slicking it on and running out the door. Ruby Woo takes a little more time and precision. But in return, you get a precise, bold lip that is eye-catching and really flattering.

These days I’m under self-imposed house arrest as I have exams looming, but today I had to nip down town for a bit. Any excuse!

The finish is, of course, very matte and very bold. I definitely recommend making use of a good lip scrub and applying a thin layer of nourishing lip balm (I’m loving Nuxe Rêve de Miel) before applying Ruby Woo, to avoid any little flakes or patches showing through. Being a matte, it’s not going to nourish or hydrate the lips. However, while it’s not drying in itself, any pre-existing hint of dryness in your lips will make Ruby Woo uncomfortable to wear.

Ruby Woo is really pigmented and as soon as it was on, I felt like it wasn’t going to budge. And sure enough, the lasting power is very good. Of course, a touch-up is needed after eating, but not to the extent that you’d be dashing to the bathroom to fill in that ring of colour left on your lips after your lunch. I would be confident in wearing it all day, knowing that it won’t be halfway down my chin by 4pm. And on the flipside of that, I pleasantly discovered that it removes like a dream; one swipe of some micellar water on a cotton pad, and it’s gone! (I feel like Barry Scott).

Ruby Woo is definitely a great cosmetic investment. Every woman needs a bold, sexy red lipstick that she can whip out when she feels in need of a boost. My skin is doing an absolute number on me these days; I’ve been changing my skincare routine around a little, and now my skin is spotty and bumpy again, and my make-up is clinging on for dear life to my rough patches. But when I put on Ruby Woo, those niggly little bits seemed far less obvious and I felt way more confident in my appearance. If one little lipstick can do that, then I consider it money well spent.


Have you tried MAC lipsticks? Do you like Ruby Woo?

Em X

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