The Exam Vacuum


Good afternoon folks. As most of you probably know, we’re definitely in the midst of exam season and, as such, I thought I’d write a quick post to apologise for the lack of blogging both this week and in advance of next week. I will try to squeeze in a post or two where I can but, unfortunately, exams do have to take priority. As much as I love blogging, sometimes learning about trustees’ duties or crime data analysis just has to come first. Sigh. But I promise, after the 9th of May, ordinary blog business shall resume!

Another thing that kind of prevents me from blogging during exams is the fact that I’m sitting in the house all day everyday, buying no products and wearing no make-up. I mean, I could write a post about the lip balm I’ve been sporting within the confines of my bedroom but I don’t think that would really appeal to anyone. On the upside, my skin and hair are having a much-needed siesta from make-up and heat styling while I sit at home looking like death warmed up. Silver linings, eh?

A few little things are helping get me through study week though, one of which is (as the photograph suggests) chocolate. I’m something of a stress eater and chocolate is my go-to soother. I’m trying to eat healthy-ish meals and rein in any other snacking though, as I really don’t want to end up the size of a house! My dad bought me three huge Galaxy bars and my mum brought home some Dairy Milk so hopefully my stress levels won’t be through the roof come Friday week! My skin might not thank me but, hey ho, I have the rest of the summer to detox.

Another little comfort is watching Made in Chelsea; thanks to Sky boxsets I’m all up to date. When I’m studying all day everyday, the last thing I want is to watch something taxing while I’m eating dinner. MIC is perfect non-brain food, and I’m continually obsessing over Lucy Watson’s perfect skin. As for poor Binky, lyk if yhu cryd 😦

To help get me through these testing times, I’ve started browsing Lvndr, the online jewellery venture launched late last year by blogger Emtalks. Her products are absolutely lovely; so cute, and incredibly affordable, which I wasn’t expecting. In particular, I’ve got my eye on the rose gold giraffe pendant, the halo necklace and the squared rings. I’m very tempted to place a little order that, hopefully will arrive just as my exams are finished, as a little from-me-to-me treat.

I’m also trying to squeeze in some househunting for September, as it has become blatantly clear that this commuting lark is getting me nowhere. Cross your fingers for me folks, and light me a candle. The Dublin rental market is ridiculously overcrowded and the chances of bagging an affordable room somewhere near college are growing slimmer by the day. Hopefully, I’ll get a luck break in the form of somebody actually replying to one of my emails…

So that’s about the height of my activity this week. As promised, I will try to blog where possible but if I can’t, I promise I’ll be back with a bang before you know it. And good luck to my fellow students – if your situation is in any way as dire as mine, you’ll need it too!

Em X

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