A Beauty Favourite: Berry Lipstick


This probably isn’t the best time of year to be discussing berry lipstick but, seeing as I’m really lacking in funds lately, a lot of shopping the stash-style posts will be making their way onto the blog, for the time being anyway! Regardless, a dramatic lip never goes out of style and in the last few months I’ve developed something of a deep lipstick obsession. From garnet to aubergine to violet, purple shades are attention-grabbing, sultry but always sophisticated (just ask Lorde). With a satin-matte base and a flick of black eyeliner, a plum lip will amp up any make-up look with minimal effort.

Here are my three plum lipsticks, all of which have something a little different to offer.


1. Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick – Black Cherry
This cost me a mere €4.90 in Florence’s Kiko store. In fact, that place was cosmetics heaven for me, and I only wish I could have bought more while I was there. Having had a boo-boo with my Bobbi Brown lipstick (more on that below), I wanted a cheap replacement that would last me the rest of the trip without costing me a fortune. I love the sleek packaging, which is surprisingly robust. The shade is a deep, true berry that builds up to a very intense purple when layered over a dark lipliner (again, Kiko’s offerings are great). It definitely has a glossy finish, but not so slippy that it ends up halfway down my chin. It can fade a little patchily on dry lips, but for less than €5, I can forgive almost anything!

2. Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Color in Ruby 10
This formula has been, to be best of my knowledge, discontinued and replaced with the Shimmer Finish Lip Color; sorry folks! However, I think the Metallic Color shades correspond to the new range, which is something. I bought this for around €24 in Dublin Airport en route to Florence (can you tell I really, really liked Florence?), and it was my first Bobbi Brown purchase. This is more of a deep red shade than a true plum, but it still has the same deep, rich tones that I love. Being a metallic, this has quite a noticeable golden shimmer that really shows up on the lips, and can be a little drying if worn all day. That being said, longevity is pretty good and when it does fade, it does so evenly. However, within about 36 hours of buying the lipstick, the bullet snapped mid-application. The weather was still very warm for October in Florence, and I think it melted a little in my bag. It was pretty devastating, I won’t lie, but I’m still determined to use it when I can – in other words, not on a rowdy night out!

3. MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Hang Up
Okay, apologies for the blurry photograph, but it’s Monday, and I think you can see the colour. Just about.
In the bullet, this is the darkest of my plum trios but, being a Cremesheen formula, it gives the sheerest pigmentation (the Kiko is very pigmented, the Bobbi Brown somewhere in the middle). The shade is also the pinkest of the three, but when applied properly on the lips (excuse the tipsy photo!), it’s more of a bordeaux-type colour, and very glossy. With the signature MAC vanilla scent and creamy formula, Hang Up is very comfortable to wear, and I intend to break it out more often when I can. However, the lasting power isn’t fantastic, so regular top-ups are necessary. This was a Christmas present from my sister, after I’d bought her the same lipstick for her birthday two months previously. Her lipstick broke just after Christmas and I nearly cried!

I love a good bordeaux/claret, and I love them in lipstick form too (har, har). A rich, deep lip can really tie a look together, and I think it can work for summer too if we ditch the Wednesday Addams matte pallor and keep the base fresh and glowing. As for autumn/winter, a berry lip is just perfect.

Em X

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