They See Me Haulin’…


After a long few months of staring longingly into shop window displays, I finally got myself together and engaged in some summer holiday Penneys hauling. Well, I’m not exactly minted, like! With a little bit of luck, I’ll be jetting out to Spain at the end of July to visit my sister, so I decided to get the bulk of my holiday shopping out the way while I could. Luckily I have plenty of bikinis, flip flops and all that jazz left over from last year’s holiday, so all I really needed were a couple of little dresses and playsuits that would suit daytime or night. And, because I was in Penneys (Primark, to those of you in the UK), a few other little bits and pieces fell into my basket…

Here are my main purchases; three playsuits (€7 each) a dress (€5) and a pair of shorts (€4).

Thank heavens for adjustable straps; I’m sure my fellow shortarses will agree! This is quite pretty, perfect for throwing over a bikini after the beach.

This is a little crumpled but fear not, I’ll iron it! There’s not much to say, except that it’s a black playsuit. Perfect for night-time drinks!

This is a carbon copy of the above playsuit cut-wise, but in a really pretty blue floral/check pattern. In fact it reminds me of those patterned Topshop jeans that every blogger and her dog’s been wearing lately. And it’s probably the closest I’ll get to owning them, for now.

I actually really love this playsuit; it’s bright and cute, and really comfortable too. My sister has the same one though, so we should probably try to co-ordinate our wardrobes while I’m over there!

These might not look that special, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn a softer pair of shorts. They’re like silk for your butt, on a budget. How Penneys managed that for less than a fiver, I’ll never know. I think I might need to go back for the black ones…

It doesn’t look like a whole lot, but I am 99% sorted now for my holidays, and any potentially sunny days at home too. All I need is suncream, which I’ve been informed is going for pennies in Aldi lately. Seriously, I know how to holiday on a shoe-string budget.

I didn’t bother with too many accessories, simply because they seem like a fantastic idea at home but when you reach sunnier climes, you just can’t be bothered piling on the bling. Please tell me it’s not just me!

Such a delicate little bangle. Shame it scratches like an angry cat on the way off.

Because it’s pretty, I guess! I’ll definitely feel like Esmeralda.

Channeling my inner Aztec gypsy. I’m sure such a thing exists. These are friggin’ heavy, by the way. But lovely nonetheless.

Couldn’t resist. Holidays are not the time for understated, chic nails.


I’ve got something of a scented candle obsession developing, but not the budget for Diptyque, or even Yankee. Sigh. But I’m making do with this cute little tealight lantern, and a surprisingly lovely jar candle from, of all places, Tesco. 
By the by, the Tesco candle is perched on top of 30 lavender tealights for €3 for Penneys. Just sayin’.


So there is my Penneys haul! I’d recommend getting in there ASAP and scooping up the best of their stock before it runs out sometime mid-June. I’m under no illusions as to quality, but for holiday gear that leaves plenty of room for cocktail money, Penneys can’t be beaten. Have I tempted you at all?

Em X



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