May Beauty Favourites


Another month, another favourites post! I can’t believe it’s June already. This month I haven’t been buying many beauty products; between a new camera, some sociable drinks and last week’s Penneys haul, there hasn’t been much left in the coffers for make-up! Nonetheless, I’ve been revisiting some old favourites, at least until something new and shiny catches my eye ūüėČ


¬†First of all, we have The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. Having retrieved this from my boyfriend’s house, where it had been languishing and forgotten about, I’ve been using it everyday as a light moisturiser. My skin doesn’t need a whole lot in the way of hydration, and this lotion delivers the perfect amount of moisture, leaving my skin greasy nor dry. The tea tree scent is really uplifting in summertime as well. Occasionally¬†I use something a little richer to make sure my skin is getting all it needs, but for everyday use, this is perfect.

Another oldie but a goodie is Est√©e Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Bone. ¬†To be honest, the shade is the tiniest bit too dark for me, but it’s also the palest warm-toned shade in the range so it’ll have to do (is it just me, or is Bone definitely darker than it was a couple of years ago?). However, I love the yellow tones in it, as I struggle to find foundations that don’t lean pink on me. ¬†The reason why ELDW is featuring in my May Favourites is its foolproof coverage. The ¬†epic breakout of the last two weeks is healing, but also taking its sweet time doing so, and the little scars are still pretty noticeable under all foundations but this one. Even though I’d prefer lighter coverage at this time of year, needs must for now, and it’s still the mattest foundation I own; perfect for sweaty shifts at work!

Next in line, we have La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. ¬†Being honest, this is really just water in a can, but strangely enough I do like it. I alternate between this and the Effaclar¬†Micro-Exfoliant Astringent Lotion for my post-cleansing toner, to make sure I’m not using anything ¬†too harsh on my skin everyday. It feels really cool and soothing, especially after a hot shower or when my skin is feeling tight and sore. Apparently it can be spritzed¬†over make-up during the day for a hydration hit, as well as on sunburned skin and to dampen eyeshadow. It’s a very versatile little product, and only ‚ā¨4 to boot.

Then we have the Aussie Three Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment.¬†I wrote about this not too long ago, and I still really like it. I think I like this mostly because it’s so simple; I just swap my usual conditioner for this once or twice a week, and it’s really made a difference to the shine and texture of my hair. I’m going to need a trim pretty soon, and with all the heat styling my hair endures lately, it should be a lot drier and duller than it is. ¬†If your hair is prone to dryness but regular hairdresser visits just aren’t on the cards, this treatment is possibly the easiest way to maintain the condition of your hair. And of course, there’s¬†DAT SMELL…

Another player in the May Favourites is my Benefit CORALista blush. I won’t drone on about it yet again, but it’s safe to say I’ve been scraping every last bit from the knackered box. Peachy, summery cheeks are mine once again.

Up next is a fragrance favourite, Noa by Cacherel. My boyfriend bought this for me last Christmas, and while I loved the scent, it didn’t agree with my skin and I had use it sparingly to avoid a horrible, itchy rash. But I’ve persevered and, for whatever reason, I can now use it without issue. It’s a soft, slightly floral scent that is perfect for daytime, and the spherical¬†bottle looks great on my dressing table.

Lastly, I’ve been wearing my Lanc√īme Hypn√īse Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara¬†everyday, and it’s brilliant. It doesn’t smudge or flake, it’s a true black, and it’s not a pain to remove at night. My lashes look really full and long without being clumpy; it’s possibly the best mascara I’ve ever used. Although when it runs out, I probably will wince when I hand over ‚ā¨27.50 for its replacement…

Which beauty goodies have you been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments ūüôā

Em X


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