Tallulah does the Hoola…


Benefit’s Hoola is one of those ubiquitous beauty products which, while not raved about constantly, is something of a make-up bag stalwart for many women. I first clapped eyes on Hoola about ten years ago, and I was thoroughly unimpressed – the twelve year-old me couldn’t fathom why someone might wish to use brown blush. Evidently, the concept of bronzer was lost on my preteen self. Fast forward a decade, and Hoola was sitting on my beauty wishlist, waiting for the day when, finally, it became mine.



 The packaging is, naturally, gorgeous – what else would you expect from Benefit? Included is a cute, soft bristled brush. It’s not so great for applying the product, but I can’t bear to throw out the dinky little thing either. Beauty blogger problems, eh?



(Please excuse the wonky photo, my laptop wasn’t playing ball)

Anyone familiar with beauty blogs knows the deal with Hoola; it’s a warm-toned matte bronzing powder. It’s neither orange nor muddy, and suits most pale to medium skin tones. The powder itself is very finely milled and there isn’t a heap of fall-out; ideal when you’re paying a fair whack for it! 

I’m something of a newbie to the world of contouring, but now I have the tools to attempt it, I think my efforts could be worse!

Yep, it’s the return of the Pre-Work Selfie. Needs must, sometimes. And we can blame that white cast on Estée Lauder Double Wear.


Being the amateur that I am, I tried to keep things simply by dusting a tiny amount of Hoola onto my temples, cheekbones and the hollows of my cheeks, and blending like crazy. It’s very easy to go heavy-handed with this, a bare sweep of the pan is enough to work with on any particular area. Once I realised this, I managed to sculpt out something resembling a cheekbone, and was pretty happy with it.


Hoola adds a lovely warmth to the complexion, without looking glaringly obvious either. If I manage to develop a tan this summer, I think I can afford to apply Hoola more liberally. It does tend to cling to any spots I’ve got going on underneath my make-up, so by that logic I’d imagine it would cling to dry patches too. But it doesn’t look bad either, it just calls for a light hand and more nifty blending. I suspect that the brush I was using isn’t really up to the task, so I think I could achieve even better results whenever I replace it with something else.

Overall, I really like Hoola. The tone is spot-on, it lifts and warms the complexion, and little goes a very long way if you’re not particularly tanned. When a product is on the pricier side (€34), you want to be sure that it’s going to last a loooong time! Hopefully any little spots I have on my cheeks will heal, leaving a smoother base for Hoola to do its thing. But in the meantime, anything that gives the illusion of bronzed, sculpted features gets a gold star from me!

Have you used Hoola before? Does any particular brush work well with it? Let me know in the comments!

Em X

PS: I was very kindly nominated for a Shine On Award by Cassieandara and a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by All Things Beauty and Fashion – both in the same week! Thank you so much ladies, I’m so flattered! Go check these two gals out, folks! X


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