Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish


When I bought my much-enjoyed Benefit Hoola, I got my hands on a sample of Benefit’s Refined Finish Facial Polish too. Benefit’s skincare range has received a mixed reaction since it launched a couple of years ago. While products such as Dream Screen and It’s Potent! Eye Cream have been reasonably praised, the rest of the range tends not to rank too highly on the skincare market. The Refined Finish Facial Polish was never on my radar but I thought I’d try it out for size. After all, I don’t think my skin can get much worse these days!

While I don’t have the pretty mint bottle with its cork-style stopper to show you, I still give Benefit 10/10 for packaging and presentation. The product itself is a white exfoliating lotion with invisible microbeads, which can be felt on application. A little goes a long way with this, and a sample should last for at least three uses. It feels slightly gritty on the skin, but not overly harsh or stripping. 

Benefit claim that the Refined Finish Face Polish purifies the skin, minimises pores and boosts the complexion’s radiance. It contains natural clay and seaweed extract ‘rich in minerals, nutrients and sugars, known to purify the skin’.
Do I agree? Not really. When I use a facial scrub as opposed to a chemical exfoliant (rarely, these days), I expect the texture of my skin to feel noticeably smoother afterwards. After using this, there was virtually no difference in the feel of my skin; it was just as bumpy and uneven as ever. My skin felt clean, but purified it was not. The appearance of my skin remained largely unchanged; no brighter or more radiant than it had been previously. However, the pores around my cheeks and nose were minimised to a certain extent, which is something. 

Perhaps the Refined Finish Facial Polish has greater effects over time, but to be honest, I’m not really interested in spending €27.50 on it in the hope that it might. I’d imagine that it would work better for people without problem skin, whose complexion really only needs a bit of a boost every now and again. Then again, if physical exfoliation is your thing, there are far cheaper alternatives out there. Oh well, at least it wasn’t an expensive mistake on my part. Sorry, Benefit!

Em X


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