Beauty Blogger Problems


Do you ever have one of those days where you want to blog about something, but you’re not sure what? Well today is one of those days for me, so I thought I’d do something a little more light-hearted instead! Being a beauty blogger is really enjoyable but, like anything, it comes with its own little bugbears that I’m sure other bloggers will get!

1. Not being able to find decent lighting in your house, so all your artfully posed photographs look painfully dull.

2. Being really impatient to write a review on something, but you just can’t make up your mind on it, so your post makes absolutely no sense.

3. Your bank balance looking terribly forlorn, and your wages performing an elaborate disappearing act every week.

4. Forgetting to upload your photos to your computer before beginning a new post.

5. Having no room in the bathroom for all your skincare; a third of which you might use on a daily basis.

6. Getting the urge to blog at a terribly inconvenient time, like 11:30pm on a Sunday. Been there, done that, drunk all the coffee on Monday.

7. Not being able to make an impromptu beauty purchase anymore. Must. Research. First!

8. Rotating the same two pairs of jeans and four tops because you’ve spent too much on make-up, again.

9. The compulsion to scrutinise everyone’s make-up. I’m pretty sure I’ve been caught staring at people on the bus, whilst merely wondering what foundation they’re wearing.

10. The magnetic pull of any Boots store, especially when there isn’t one where you live. It’s like Mecca for me.

11. The cost and research involved in building up a foundation wardrobe; the most unnecessary necessity ever.

12. The fear of wasting great make-up on an insignificant day.

13. The dire consequences of a skincare experiment gone wrong. 

14. Beauty blogger envy, be it of their products, their photography, or their way with words.

15. The disaster that unfolds when you mess up your liquid eyeliner.


Anything to add to the list? 😉

Em X


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