My Hair Routine

DSCF0227Ever since I had my hair cut up to my shoulders last March, I’ve started to put a greater effort into styling it properly and making it look presentable and more polished. My hair is naturally very thick, curly and heavy, but generally in good condition and it grows really quickly. When it was long, it was simply too time consuming to try to blow dry and style it everyday – I needed a clear hour and a half just to dry and straighten it! But cutting my hair means it’s far quicker and easier to make an effort with it, meaning that I look a little less scruffy everyday, and my arms don’t ache after blowdrying anymore!

I’m not too fussy about the type of shampoo and conditioner I use; typically they’ll be formulated for coloured or dry hair, and usually on offer at Tesco! I find that Tresemmé and Aussie in particularly tend to suit my hair. Curly hair is very prone to dryness if it’s not looked after, but my roots get greasy too, so it’s important to keep the balance between keeping it clean but not washing it too often. Dry shampoo (Batiste’s finest) is a lifesaver here, as I prefer not to wash my hair everyday. I also enjoy using the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment once a week to keep my hair nourished and shiny, without having to faff about with oils or masks.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum is a curly girl’s best friend; call me a bore but I can’t be bothered experimenting with any other frizz-taming products because Frizz Ease just does the job. It’s also available in Extra Strength and Thermal Protection versions which is really handy for heat styling and prevents the need for separate heat protection.  After styling, I use a tiny blob of Pantene Pro-V Shine Serum for Coloured Hair to smooth any flyaways and give the style some extra longevity. A serum makes a big difference in combatting frizz once my hair is styled, and this one adds some extra shine. It can be quite heavy though, so I use as little as possible. Finally, I toss my hair upside-down, spritz in some Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Volume + Gloss Spray and ruffle things up a bit, to undo the ‘done-ness’ of my hair, if that makes sense!

The Tools
DSCF0230There’s nothing too fancy or high-tech going on here; my hairdryer is a Babyliss Pro Speed 2200 that I bought on offer in Argos last year for less than €30. Nevertheless, it works perfectly well and all I need it to do is dry my hair, which it does just fine and without causing damage.  My straightener is an old Remington ceramic straightener that I don’t think is even available anymore, but is still working like a dream. I was never too enthusiastic about GHD straighteners; Remingtons always worked better with my hair so I never saw the point in forking out for the name. Finally, my newest and most favourite hair toy is my Babyliss Big Hair 42mm – if you love the look of a curly blowdry but can’t recreate it yourself, this is your man. It rotates and dries the hair into sleek waves while creating lots of volume. It’s tricky to get the hang of, and I normally need to smooth my roots with a straightener afterwards, but there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube demonstrating how to use the Big Hair, and the result is definitely worth it!

I style my hair roughly four times a week, generally just blowdrying it and tying it up when I’m going to work, and then going to extra effort on my days off. I enjoy the ritual of styling my hair, and I prefer looking put together most days, rather than wild with my curls! Having said that, the curls might make a comeback someday 😉

Em X


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