My All-Time Favourite Beauty Bloggers!


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only beauty blogger who devours other beauty ramblings on a daily basis; as it stands I currently follow over 330 bloggers on Bloglovin’, and that number is constantly growing. Whether I’m lusting after the luxury products reviewed by the top names in the game, or adding a new budget beauty wonder to my wishlist thanks to a fantastic smaller blogger, I’m always being inspired and impressed by the calibre of beauty blogging that’s out there right now. Twitter is especially useful for discovering new blogs, especially the odd time I partake in a #bblogger discussion. But some beauty bloggers do stand out from the crowd for me, particularly in the Irish arena. For me, thorough reviews, excellent photography and creative posts are the clinchers, and the following ladies have all three in abundance!

This lady, living in Dubai, has the most enviable cosmetic and clothes collections I’ve ever clapped eyes on! Laura’s blog is the last word when it comes to high-end product reviews but I also love how she never sugarcoats her opinions. Her straight-talking way with words and gorgeous selfie shots always keep me coming back.

Viva Adonis
These two Irish ladies know their stuff when it comes to skincare and make-up. Dee in particular has very similar skin to mine, and may have been responsible for some serious enabling! I love their to-the-point reviews, and their mix of high-end and drugstore features keeps things relatable but still chock-a-block with make-up envy!

Make-Up Monster
This is another Irish beauty blogger who I really admire, not least for maintaining her blog right up until she gave birth recently! Her reviews are really thorough and reliable, and she trials a good range of products at all price points. Because of this blog, I really need to get NARS Heat Wave in my life! Again, the Irish dimension makes her super-relatable for Irish girls like me.

ghostparties is something of a big player in the beauty blogging world, but I really feel like she’s maintained her integrity and personality as a blogger nonetheless. Her photography is, in a word, stunning, and her posts are endlessly creative and interesting. Plus points for enabling me via Twitter to finally purchase a certain Clarins skincare essential… (also, I want to live in her house).

Jennypurr is a relatively new discovery for me, but I’ve been hooked ever since I found her blog. The clean white format is really pleasing on the eye, and the products she features will inevitably end up on my wishlist. Her Capsule Skincare Wardrobe post has been bookmarked for future reference, as her skin type appears to be quite similar to mine – a surefire way to entice me to keep reading!

This is another recent addition to my morning blog reading, but a very welcome one! The very pretty Natalie (seriously, her hair is on point) always writes really interesting posts, without any rambling or filler in sight. The photography and simplistic style is a major favourite of mine!

Last but by no means least is my friend Grace, with her fantastically girly blog Grace’d. Her quirky writing style is really distinctive without being grating, and her MAC collection is seriously envy-worthy. And if you’re after a foodie dimension, check out her mouthwatering posts on Ireland’s chicest eateries.

I hope I’ve given you even more reading material! Who are your favourite bloggers?

Em X


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