NUXE Clarifying Cream Mask

DSCF0212NUXE is another one of those French Pharmacy brands that has become more and more readily available in Ireland, a development which has my fellow skincare junkies rejoicing all over the country. Renowned for gentle, excellent quality skincare, NUXE first entered my life via the famous Rêve de Miel lip balm – now a staple feature in my night time routine. Upon discovering NUXE products nestled in a corner of Sam McCauley’s in Carlow, I knew it was a sign that I needed to try something else from the range (funnily enough, these signs are incredibly common!). After a quick perusal of (i.e. half an hour of drooling over) the entire range, I came to my senses and picked up the Clarifying Cream Mask, upon remembering that my Botanics Ionic Shine Away Clay Mask was on its last legs. A strategic purchase of sorts.


The Clarifying Cream Mask, aside from having a pleasantly short name, promises to purify the skin, shrink pores, and perfect the complexion, all with a ‘mild and gentle action’. In other words, if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin but feel in need of a good old clean out, this could very well be your man. It contains plenty of lovely ingredients such as clay, rose water, rose petals, coconut oil and macadamia nut oil; evidently the intention here is to nourish the skin rather than leeching it of every last drop of sebum. While excess sebum is a pain in the behind, it’s not all bad!


Of course, glass jars aren’t for everyone, and they nearly always come under fire by the blogging community. And I care not. Glass jars look absolutely lovely, and there is nothing stopping you from giving your hands a good wash beforehand, right? And anyway, there will be minimal contamination when you only use a product once or twice a week.  But as we all know, it’s what’s inside the packaging that counts. While I was a *tad* disappointed that this mask wasn’t pink – what made me think that, I’ll never know – the cream coloured, shiny mask inside smells deliciously of roses without being overpowering or sickly. The texture is really odd; unlike other clay cleansers, it isn’t gritty at all. Instead, it’s soft and spongey, not unlike a chocolate mousse. In fact, it feels exactly like chocolate mousse.

All one needs to do is to spread a thick layer of this all over your face, rinsing off after five or ten minutes. I’m usually bold and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Rather than setting and drying out, the Clarifying Cream Mask sinks into the skin, leaving a ghostly layer on the face that rinses off easily. If you’re not a fan of how clay masks tend to ‘set’ on your face, this is a pleasant and comfortable alternative.

Afterwards, my skin feels thoroughly purified and clean. I use it on Sunday evenings after a weekend at work, and all the sweat, make-up and bar-related grossness that accumulate on my skin are sucked out. To be honest, I can’t see this mask having any effect on my spots, but as a deep cleaning mask, it works a treat. The rose element really helps with any redness in my skin, and my pores are reduced. Also, the next morning, things feel a little softer and more nourished.

All in all, this is a lovely mask for all skin types; to flush away skin nasties without stripping it down completely. It costs €19.40, which isn’t extortionate for mid-range skincare, and you only need to use it once or twice a week anyway. Yes, it’s love!

Have you tried any NUXE products before?

Em X


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