The Body Shop Obsession Lives On…


The discovery of The Body Shop products in Sam McCauley chemists in Carlow has led to more than a little stocking up being done on my part! I really like The Body Shop; I feel like their products just work without being exceedingly expensive. Although the full range of products isn’t available in Carlow, I’ve still managed to find a few little things to keep myself ticking over!

Firstly, I’ve had my eye on the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner for a little while now; I’ve been using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar toner for some time now but I felt like making a change to something less astringent, but still suitable for spotty skin. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner was €8.95 for 250ml, which is pretty cheap really. The Body Shop claims that it will purify blemish-prone skin of make-up and impurities and also mattify the complexion. It contains Community Fair Trade Organic Tea Tree Oil and is also infused with tamanu oil. Alcohol is pretty high up on that ingredients list though, so do be wary of that.


The bottle needs to be shaken first, to dissolve what I presume is the tamanu oil which condenses at the bottom of the bottle. However, this toner isn’t at all greasy and it doesn’t congest my pores. Initially, I noticed a teeny burning sensation after I applied the toner, which faded after 30 seconds or so. It doesn’t happen anymore – perhaps my skin has adjusted to the concentration of tea tree oil – but it is worth noting if you have sensitive skin. The toner helps to keep my complexion from descending into an oil slick in the summer warmth, and it really helps to soothe breakouts. I still get spots (when will that ever change?!), but this toner really aids the healing process. It’s also really refreshing to use during the day on the odd occasion I don’t wear make-up.

With change from a tenner, this toner has seriously impressed me!

I wrote recently about The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream, which I’m still using everytime I shower – even if only for the coconutty scent! It therefore made complete sense to expand the collection and purchase the Coconut Milk Body Lotion, to keep that delicious smell going!


This, I believe, cost €12.95, which is significantly cheaper than the almost-€20 Body Butters. I don’t particularly like to use heavy body moisturisers; it’s a struggle to remember to use anything in the line of body moisturisers at all, so I’m really not inclined to bother with something that takes forever to sink in. Ain’t nobody got time for hanging around in their underwear waiting for a body butter to absorb. The Coconut Body Milk is a much lighter, thinner formula that is dispensed through a nozzle and absorbs within minutes. In fact, the application is much like that of suncream, without the day-long stickiness! True,  it’s not as rich as one might like, but it’s making a nice difference to the condition of my skin on my arms and legs, and the coconut scent lingers for a few hours. Which, as we all know, is my main reason for buying it! Using the Coconut Body Milk isn’t a huge chore, and in return I get softer skin. Perfect.

Now, somebody hide my purse before I do any more damage.

Em X


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