The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream


As some of you may have seen recently on my Facebook and Twitter pages, I returned home from my summer holidays to find a parcel from The Body Shop waiting for me – an effective antidote to the post-holiday blues! The lovely people at The Body Shop must have been listening to me waxing lyrical about their Tea Tree range, because they kindly sent me the new Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream to test out for myself. As you know well by now, my skin is definitely on the ‘problem’ side of things, and any product that promises to improve both the appearance and actual condition of my skin is definitely worth a punt.


The Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream is formulated with organic Kenyan Fair Trade tea tree oil – which is reflected in its fresh, uplifting scent (fear not, sensitive souls, the scent does not linger). It aims to provide flawless, shine-free coverage while also tackling the blemishes themselves to create a more perfected complexion. Tea tree oil is a saviour for blemish-prone skin, and The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range is a firm fixture in my skincare routine. As it happens, their Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash is also on my ‘To Buy’ list!


 The shade I was sent is 02, which suits my post-holiday complexion pretty well, but I will probably have to purchase 01 after a while as my tan fades. 02 is pretty dark, but 01 looks like it would suit most pale to medium skintones. The Flawless BB Cream is €13.50; not extortionately expensive for a good base considering that I’ve spent more on far worse in the past.

The consistency is rather creamy, and I find that it applies more easily and naturally with the fingers than with a brush. The finish is slightly tacky around my nose, but that’s nothing a little setting powder won’t cure. A big plus for me is the fact that, even without primer, the BB Cream doesn’t sit in my pores at all – hooray! It sinks into the skin very seamlessly, giving that coveted ‘my skin but better look’. It feels as though I’m barely wearing any make-up at all, which is ideal for barely-there make-up days, but not so good for chronic face-touchers like myself! Nevertheless, the finish is very flattering and it’s a good four hours or so before I need to blot, even though it doesn’t have a classic mattifying effect.

Before any make-up at all – the Spanish sun darkened all my scars on my cheeks, making my skin look even worse.
With the Flawless BB Cream alone.

The finished look (with concealer, powder etc.)

The overall effect is light, natural and very easy to achieve. The Flawless BB Cream gives a medium level of coverage, so if your skin is really bad, concealer is a must. I prefer to buff concealer into my problem areas and allow it to dry before applying the BB Cream, as it seems to appear more natural than applying it on top, as I normally would. But to expect complete coverage from a BB Cream is probably asking too much anyway. 

I really like the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream; it’s perfect for those days when you want the ‘I woke up like dis’ look without going barefaced altogether (and risk frightening small children, in my case!). I can’t yet attest to the complexion benefits, but it seems to be getting on very well with my skin so far, and if I see an improvement I’ll be sure to keep you updated! 

Have you tried out The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Range yet?

Em X


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