Moving House!


Hello errybody!

As some of you may know from Facebook, I’m updating Ilyana Rose, and upping sticks to join Squarespace in order to create a blogging space that I hope will be more streamlined and elegant. I’ve enjoyed using WordPress but I feel that a change is in order, so that I can grow my blog the way I want to. I’m currently in the process of transferring the domain, and with any luck, when you click on it, it’ll automatically redirect you to my new blog. I’m aware that over 500 of you are subscribed to the blog via email, and I’m going to work on creating a new system for that as well; I’m sorry to have to ask you to re-subscribe but hopefully it will be worth it!

If it’s too much faff, you can always find me on Facebook and Twitter, where I always make sure to post links to my newest posts. I’m sorry to create any hassle for anyone, but I’m hoping that it will be worth it in the end for a newer, more streamlined, prettier Ilyana Rose 🙂

Em X


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