I started this blog as a little sounding board, somewhere to talk about whatever comes into my head, be that beauty, or fashion, or just life and everything that comes with it. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so this blog is a great way to get little snippets written here and there when life gets a bit hectic and I just want to write about whatever I’m thinking about or feeling. Here is where I post articles I write for my college newspaper also; it’s great to have somewhere online to create a little archive of my pieces, amateur as they are!

I also enjoy reading other blogs; it’s fascinating to read different perspectives on everything from history to society to photography to hair products. I really hope that anyone who reads my blog will enjoy it, it’d be great to give people things to think about and maybe something new to learn. I guess that is the point of blogging after all!

If ever I write a blog post on behalf of a company or organisation, my opinions and statements firmly remain my own. If I ever sample products sent to me by a company or brand, I endeavour to review them with utmost honesty, and to make it known within the post that the product in question was sent to me to trial. To me, a blogger retains their integrity when they are absolutely open about collaborating with companies or sampling press releases, and this is a standard that I also uphold for myself.

Here’s hoping you find something you like 🙂


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