#nomakeupselfie Tag!

As many people might have noticed, there’s something of a barefaced craze going on on Facebook right now. The #nomakeupselfie campaign has gone viral in the past two days or so. At first, many people scoffed. ‘Posting a selfie with no make-up on won’t cure cancer’ they said. And they were right, it won’t. But these naysayers were entirely missing the point. The campaign isn’t about seeing women getting their zits out (fnar fnar) and hoping that cancer patients will miraculously get better. It’s about raising awareness, and reminding people to donate to cancer research. It’s PR at its best; reminding people that cancer is always a serious issue, even if we forget it sometimes during our busy lives.

I’ve lost an uncle far too young to cancer, and my boyfriend lost his mother when he was only a child. Cancer touches everyone; it is all-pervasive and the sooner it is eradicated, the better for our entire society. Last year I participated in Today FM’s Shave or Dye fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society. In return for dying my hair pink, I received an overwhelming number of donations from family, friends and colleagues for the cause. When it comes to cancer, everyone is able to spare something. So when I was nominated by my friend Grace for the #nomakeupselfie, I didn’t even have to think twice.


And now you all know why I love make-up so much! Shiny T-zone, open pores, insipid eyebrows, the works. And it was so worth it. 

Irish donors can simply text PINK to 50300 to make a €4 donation to the Irish Cancer Society. It really is that simple.


Since the campaign’s inception earlier this week, Cancer Research UK has received over £2 million in donations, and the Irish Cancer Society is looking on-course to raise at least €500,000. The #nomakeupselfie campaign is really working, and I hope that it continues to remind people to get those digits out and donate.

Cancer charities are, in my opinion, one of the most worthy causes out there. Too many people are affected by this horrendous disease and this needs to stop. To anyone who has donated their time or their money, thank you. 

E xx


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