Ilyana Rose, New and Improved!

Alriiighty folks, there has been a lot of confusion and to-ing and fro-ing on my part today, but finally the new Ilyana Rose site is ready and open for business… and you can find it here!

The first post on the new site (entitled ‘Moving House’) contains a space for email addresses for a new mailing list, so hopefully you’ll all be able to stay up-to-date with my posts. There are links to my Facebook and Twitter pages (top left), and a Bloglovin’ link will hopefully be forthcoming too (it’s the last kink to iron out!)

And lastly, I’ve included a link to this site, in order to keep everything together and accessible for everyone. There’s an ‘Old Blog’ link at the top of the front page, which redirects you right back here. For a terrible moment earlier, it seemed as though I’d lost the last seven months’ of work, but now I think I’ve created the best solution possible, and hopefully it will be as easy to use as before.

Apologies to those of you who have to resubmit your email addresses; I didn’t mean to cause any hassle for anyone but I really do hope that you’ll want to subscribe again and keep on reading!

Sorry again for the confusion, and thank you to everyone who has been following and who’ll keep on following 🙂

Em X


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